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You’ve got a great idea, your family and friends love it and you even have some sales trickling in – great!

However, now you have a huge road ahead of you filled with…manufacturing, pricing, margins, marketing, social media, e-commerce, sales reps, cash flow, inventory, fulfillment, public relations, sales and much more…in order for your product to be successful and profitable.

As seasoned product developers and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know it’s tough to navigate the murky waters and successfully implement your idea into the world. The product world is VERY different than the service world.

We. Get. It… And that’s why we created The Nutshell Project. To serve passionate, crazy, sleep-deprived people who are trying to change the world with their product and still feed their family.

Whether we are just consulting with you to make those choices or providing a full service  “soup to nuts” approach, our job is to create the tipping point in your business, transforming a product into a profit!
If you’re Nutz about your product and going Nutz over your product, then let's get crackin' to get your product making profit today!
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