3 Crucial Metrics for Measuring Your Trade Show Marketing’s ROI

So you just ended another trade show, now how do you determine if it was worth it? The biggest part of determining whether23787462_s or not your trade show presence was successful is measuring your results. You should not only walk away with new contacts and buyers but you also need specific data that will tell you what REALLY worked and what didn’t. Here are the 3 most crucial metrics for analyzing the effectiveness of your trade show marketing efforts.

Generating Leads – Set up a Specific Landing Page for the Show

For true measurement specific to each show, it is essential to set up a dedicated landing page where a prospect can fill out a form with their information.

Once you have this landing page ready, promote it through social media, and create a hashtag so visitors to your booth can see these promotions more easily. You can also put QR codes that lead to this landing page on all your materials. It’s important to make the experience of collecting leads interactive.

Measuring Your Results

1)    Direct Traffic and Organic Search

Direct traffic measures who is typing in your company’s URL in a web browser, and organic traffic consists of the visitors who arrive on your site by searching for your company name in search engines. A trade show should positively impact both categories. As more people encounter your brand and calls-to-action, you should see an increase in direct traffic and organic search to your website.

Also, track the specific landing page you built for the show. Look at how much traffic you have to that page before and after you promote it at the trade show, then calculate the difference. This will let you see if your promotions that directed people to the landing page were successful.

2)    Social Media Reach

Take a look at which channels were the most successful. See if there was a noticeable spike on each platform. Did engaging with prospects through social media during the trade show drive more visitors to your website? Identifying which channels were more successful is important for figuring out the most effective places to invest your efforts for the next one.

3)    New Customers

Take a look at the list of people who originally came to your landing page and filled out your form, then track how many of those leads ended up buying your product or service. Obviously, track the traffic spike on your website during this time and see who converted there as well – if that visitor eventually led to a phone call, email, etc., this will help inform you of how many points of contact you should expect before a visitor converts to a true customer. This will help you figure out a key component of your trade show’s ROI.

Remember that although your initial investment may be a lot, the long-term results could outweigh the up-front cost. After using these metrics to determine if it was worth it, you’ll have quantitative proof to call it a success!


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