3 Tricks to Get Your Customers to Buy, Buy, Buy on Small Business Saturday

Unless your store is optimized for up-selling this Small Business Saturday, it may just as well be another day. Take advantage of the Small Business Saturday buzz and use these awesome tips and tricks that big box retailers use to get their customers to buy, buy, buy! Our neuromarketing branding partner, Ali Craig, shared these secrets with us so we can understand EXACTLY how the brain processes pre purchasing. You’re welcome…


1)    Line small-sized items at eye level. Why? Because consumers spring for items that are usually10971346_s small. Unless it’s a girl’s best friend (a.k.a. diamonds), most small items equate to seemingly a lesser cost. If these items are under $20, you’ve found the magic number because those in the buying mindset won’t see $20 as a big deal.


2)     Use that end cap space to your advantage! Place the things on end caps that aren’t necessarily a ‘need’ for the customer but can clear a sweet margin for you. Why? Because those end caps provide a lot of space and don’t feel intrusive to the customer’s space. Because there is room around the display, the customer can move and think without having the feeling of being trapped. These are most often the best deals for the store, not necessarily the customer.


3)     The better the layout the bigger the “cha-ching!” The layout has everything to do with the15433478_s science behind having your customers buy more. The more distractions between destination departments, the better…

  • Make it wind- Big box stores will never have a clean straight line from one side of the store to the other because they don’t want their customers going directly to a department without bumping into things. If customers have to move around displays, bump into racks, slow down and look, they will buy more.
  • Put expensive items on the right.  People typically move and look to the right, so the more expensive items or inventory should go there.
  • Use bright colors. Bright colors are there to catch the eye and make ‘em buy! Bright colors gets the adrenalin going and awakens the “happy hormones” to make customers enjoy and spend more during their shopping experience. This acts as a buffer when the purchase happens and triggers the pain receptors in the brain.
  • Play luring music in the right places. Play to the customer’s senses. Light and sound are typically used to attract them to the more profitable sections of the store. Haven’t you noticed the music is clearer and the light better in the makeup, perfume, shoes and handbags sections. Our senses and instincts naturally gravitate towards these sections.

Alright small businesses…Go forth and implement!


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