6 Myths that Sabotage Content Marketing Success

Source: PR Daily by Dorothy Crenshaw

Why We Like It: Content marketing, over the long term, can enhance brand awareness and even drive demand. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 60 percent of business-to-customer marketers say their content marketing budget will increase in 2014.

What We Learned: As you travel on the road of content marketing success, these popular myths and misconceptions 20611232_s (1)should be noted and dispelled. Crenshaw highlights six of the biggest falsehoods:

1)    Content marketing can replace PR. False. It fits into the overall strategy but content marketing will not replace PR altogether. Earned media is still extremely powerful in the product world.

2)    When it comes to content, more is better. This use to be the case but now the Google algorithm updates favor high-quality, original material over large quantities of keyword-stuffed posts.

3)    Snappy social media updates can replace hard-to-create content. Not really. The larger point is that content should be sized to solve problems, engage prospects, and share insights. It’s hard to believe that those goals can be accomplished in a simple Facebook campaign.

4)    Quality is secondary, because SEO is everything. That is only a part of the puzzle. Crenshaw explains that SEO is important, yes, because the point of marketing your material is often to let customers find you through the right keywords. But a visit to your site or community is only the beginning of the marketing process. It’s valuable content that truly engages prospects and incites them to action.

5)    We don’t have time to create it. This may start out feeling this way but most companies already have a position and an industry niche and know a lot about their “thing” so why not explain quickly on the screen and hit upload? Once you get in a habit it really isn’t that time consuming – and it will ultimately fit in nicely to your overall marketing strategy.

6)    If you create it, they will come. Not true. Crenshaw explains that putting it out there is a great first step, but without a real content strategy, defined audiences, and well-populated social communities, you can easily fall short.

Dorothy Crenshaw is CEO and creative director of Crenshaw Communications. She has been named one of the public relations industry’s 100 Most Powerful Women by PR Week. A version of this story appeared on Crenshaw Communications’ ImPRessions blog. 


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