How to Get Holiday Shopping Done in One Hour or Less

You’re through the thoughtful and sentimental stage – now you are onto the last leg of “OMG, I’ve still 18385969_sgot an entire list of people on my holiday gift list!” –  Cue collapsing in a fetal position and rocking yourself to sleep through the rest of the holidays. Just kidding, but seriously…

The Nutshell Project family has also been through tackling this overwhelming gift-giving list, but with the help of the incredibly smart and efficient people on our staff (eh-hem), we’ve figured out some very efficient yet still thoughtful ways to conquer that list in one hour or less.

To begin, cut your shopping time down by nearly 70% by casting a wide net. It’s perfectly OKAY to get the same gift for the majority of people on your list– as long as it is GOOD. Now it is just a matter of the WHAT. This takes care of another 20% of your time. Here is the breakdown for an acceptable gift for each generation:

1)  Children: Google “top children’s toys for 2013” – click and buy. Even if you don’t think they’ll like, they WILL like it, because the Google machine knows best.

2)  Tweens and Teens: Gift cards. We promise you’ll be their favorite relative if you give them the plastic instead.

3)  Young Adults: Cash. They are broke and cash will be like discovering Santa all over again. “Oh 22219119_sHappy Christmas” they’ll shout!  If you aren’t close enough to give them cash, then an appropriate beverage of their choice would work because at least, for a moment, they won’t feel the ‘sting’ of being broke.

4)   Real Adults: Something they can use up. No knick-knacks, no things – only buy these people something they can use up like food, beverages, or deodorizing items for the home or person (careful as not to hint of bad hygiene.) Especially if they have a family, their kids will eat anything if it is classified in the “yummified” department.

5)  Grandparents: Picture frames with a Steak ‘n Shake gift card. There’s nothing like reminiscing over a good burger and shake for the next year. And if you really want to get sentimental…go with them!

6)  Men: Men really want only two things in life… Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about action and adventure. Movie tickets or iTunes gift cards will work just fine.

7) Women: We ALL own these two amazing products at The Nutshell Project and use them both almost daily. If you grab a SHOLDIT scarf or Card Cubby, you’ll definitely get a hug thrown around your neck this year. Make sure to tell her she looks good with them on too for an added bonus hug ;)!

The remaining 10% is keeping the eye on the prize. Don’t get distracted! Now, set a timer, follow our guidelines, stop hesitating, and 3, 2, 1 – GO!


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