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Coach Nut: “Like a boss,” Coach Jenn Lee, has 25 plus years of experience in corporate America where she developed, managed and trained sales and marketing teams across the country. She has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them develop profitable business models, engaging marketing campaigns, as well as trained them on sales and negotiation techniques (her graduates are like stealth cats…with barely a flick of the tail, you won’t even see the sales attack comin’! Rawr!).

The official business coach of the Tory Johnson Spark and Hustle Tour, Jenn has interviewed thousands of service and product-based businesses so she knows what it takes to build a sustainable company. Jenn is known for her straight-forward, no-nonsense, sales, marketing and business strategies turning your passion (and now your product) into profit. To sum it up, if the President needed to send in his “A-team” to negotiate the protection of our country from alien invaders and the future preservation of all mankind…he’d send Jenn.




Product Nut:

I have an idea, I have a plan.

I have a product in the palm of my hand.

I’ll make it thrive, I’ll make it soar. I’ll give them a reason to shout, “We want more!”

Wendy, a.k.a.” The Dr. Seuss of product land,” is the creative machine that churns out innovative ideas left and right for our clients. Wendy’s creation, Card Cubby, was featured as a holiday gift in People Magazine leading to over $100k in sales in two months. The Today Show and Good Morning America jumped on board and QVC followed suit. With boutiques, drug stores, and strong online sales, Card Cubby’s Save in Style products are now sold internationally as well.

Wendy has a strong desire to share what she has learned with other product junkies so that they can avoid many of the pitfalls and money-sucking mistakes!  Having experience with infomercials, promo products, private labeling, retail, big box and on online sales, Wendy is pretty much the you-know-what when it comes to a product’s success! She even built a tank, with sharks, in her office circa 2004…wayyyy before a national show was born. Yes, folks, she’s THAT good.



Norma Lopez-new-headshot

Photo Nut: 

Have you ever seen a photograph so amazing that you’re willing to steal Marty McFly’s Flux Capacitor and travel back in time to the exact place of that photo shoot? Yeah…that’s how our girl Norma Lopez rolls. From cover shoots in Paris for big name media to capturing shots for brand-name products, Norma Lopez is a master in product and commercial photography for catalogs, e-commerce and advertising. She is “dedicated to advancing the perception of products, materials, objects, people and fashion.” – Which basically means she is the best…like ever.



sara-new-headshot Content Nut: 

AH-mazing copywriter and social media strategist! Sara understands that there is no faster way to get your name, your platform and your product out there than through viral marketing. She is a master at developing solid, smart content on a consistent basis strategically placed where others will love it, share it and come back for more. (I mean, clearly she is a genius… she wrote all the copy on this website for crying out loud – brown chicken brown cow…)




Jenn Pucket-new-headshot

Web Nut: 

“Super Puckett”- that’s really all you need to refer to her as because she can do EVERYTHING when it comes to rockin’ out your website. Super Puckett ( her family lovingly calls her “Jen”), goes beyond incredible design and branding by cutting through the online clutter. Super Puckett knows exactly how and what to place on your website in such a way that guides the visitor to investigate further, ultimately becoming a new customer. Bam! That just happened – go Super Puckett, GO!



SuZSocial Nut:

Our social media-ensconced rock-star knows the ins and outs of all the sites that YOU need to be on and how to optimize each one for MORE fans, MORE brand-advocates and MORE sales.  SuZ Besecker makes every client’s expertise and product business shine online by providing one-on-one engagement, connecting with the right collaborators and “wish list” players as well as creatively sharing relevant, informative and conversation-provoking content. Put on your boots and spurs cuz it’s gonna be a wild ride! Giddy-up!




Cue the Bonanza theme song… “dun-dada-dun-dada-dun-dada-dun-dada-DUNDAH! Dun-dada-dun-dada-dun-dada-dun-dadaDAAAAA!” Pip saddles up alongside SuZ and helps her sniff out Profits in Products (“Pip” – I know, cute right?) He is our head investigator and online liaison. Bonus! He is always passing along a helpful tip in a nutshell to keep your business profitable. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get his low-down…down-low – no doubt!

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