Frustrated with trying to keep up with all the marketing AND calling on wholesalers AND increasing online sales AND maintaining affiliate sales AND learning Amazon Fulfillment and eBay AND… yep, we’ve been there too and are still in the thick of it! (but after years of promoting product businesses successfully, we know all the insider secrets, shhh…)

Our journey started 6 years ago when Wendy Krepak, creator of Card Cubby navigated these same waters. She learned A LOT along the way before making it to the million plus range in her product business AND she is still knee-deep in it! Wendy had to piece-meal everything together and it was extremely tough to do it all and make a major profit at the same time. Along the way she hired a variety of companies, many resulting in empty promises.

Have you had a similar experience?


That’s why Wendy, along with veteran small business strategist Coach Jenn Lee decided to bring everything a product business needs to survive and thrive under one roof!The Nutshell Project uses a holistic approach to successfully promote your product business. We have EVERYTHING, ALL IN ONE PLACE, taking away the time-sucking, money-wasting, piece-mealed approach off your plate. We have all the tools to escalate a product business on all levels: retailers, social commerce, affiliates, Amazon Fulfillment, eBay, email marketing, website, home shopping and a team of telemarketers to call on wholesalers. We do it all for you!

We understand that product businesses are their own animal and that’s why we are different from all the other blanketed agencies out there. It’s true! Ask our moms…oh, and our clients who have seen their businesses sky-rocket after working with the Nutz!

Other Services Offered:
  • In-depth product review
  • Public Relations
  • Social media implementation
  • Product development assistance
  • APP development
  • Grassroots and permission marketing
  • Website development
  • Product Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Product Branding
  • Social media strategy
  • Optimized tradeshow presence
  • Social Commerce
  • Amazon set up and Keywords
  • Sales assistance
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