Snapchat for Brands (And Why You Should Hop on Board)

What is it? Snapchat

What it does? Instead of sending a quick text message, users can send an image or a short video along with a small caption18709051_s to friends. The message has a very short shelf-life; recipients are only able to view the message for a 1 to 10 second designated amount of time before it disappears from the screen forever!

Why you need to explore it: Snapchat is centered around gamification: linking a customer’s brand gratification with the exciting thrills of a game. By using the app for things like scavenger hunts or secret picture reveals, businesses can involve their consumers in a way that feels exciting, thrilling, and exclusive.

Example: 16 Handles, a New York-based ice cream chain: Customers who sent a picture to the company’s Snapchat account of themselves trying any of 16 Handles’ ice cream flavors were sent a snap of a coupon in return. The coupons, which ranged from 16% off to 100% off, had to be opened within ten seconds at the time of their purchase before they vanished.

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Source: Social Media Beast

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