Social Commerce

Social Media is No Longer Effective.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Vine and yes, my friends, Snapchat aren’t going away. That’s where your buyers are but how do you work them so you stand out, get noticed and make sales?


We thought so! And that’s sooooo 2013 anyway. Smeh!

Products aren’t sold through social media…they’re sold through Social Commerce. There is a HUGE difference in strategy to make it work for product businesses which is consistently changing on a weekly basis!

True social commerce is leveraging the right platforms where your buyer and influencer hangs out, speaking to them in a language of that platform, combined with the correct:

The Nutshell Project Social CommerceMessenging
Curated Content
Direct communication
Email marketing
Affiliate programs
Peer recommendations
Group buying
Fulfillment partners

Whew! And all THAT working together is how product businesses gain direct online sales.


At The Nutshell Project our seasoned team is consistently plugged into the Wheel of Social Commerce. We’re disciples of the big boys and you reap the benefits!

How it works:

We take all or a portion of the Wheel of Social Commerce off your hands and create an exclusive retainer package that fits your needs and your wallet. Go ahead and contact us and let’s get crackin’

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