Success Stories

sholditAfter working with the Nutshell Project, I must say, I want to scream their praises from a mountain top, but selfishly want to keep them a caged secret! With SHOLDIT being a product based company, it is difficult to find people who “think like we do” and “have needs like we do.” With this team, you truly feel and know that they have your company’s best interest at heart.

They crafted a tailored sales, marketing, web development and social media strategy for my product. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, as a product person I can tell you that it’s beyond beneficial to have a STRATEGIC TEAM coach you through a completely different set of lenses and guide you on how to strategically integrate these systems and processes in a timely and cost effective way. You would be absolutely NUTZ to not bring this team on board.

Angela Lee, Founder of SHOLDIT

The Nutshell Project took an obscure dream and within 60 days, we went from dream to an incredible product-birthed reality. They are a brain trust of the best creative minds you can find. A one-stop shop for everything you’ll need and the most difficult of services to source on your own, i.e.: website design, social media, public relations, packaging, manufacturing, operations, heck, even naming the product and developing the product’s personality, are all available in house at your fingertips. The Nutz can do it ALL! Always pushing to keep your brain churning every step of the way, they took our crazy idea and now we’ve launched!

Sam Nebel and Charlie Siciak, Founders of Goodwipes



After The Nutshell Project completely updated our look and presentation pieces, our number one client was IMPRESSED with our new messaging and brand! As we revealed our new brand to them in a meeting, their posture physically changed – they sat way up in their chairs and leaned forward – as we went through and presented it all! You clearly “got us” and we can’t thank you enough!

Babs Heileson, VP of Marketing, Sales Central Florida, LEED AP at Commercial Flooring Distributors, Inc.

Seriously after only 30 days of being guided by The Nutshell Project this is what’s happened: Direct sales increase on the website, 220% growth in Facebook likes within 2 weeks and Amazon sales have taken off. I sold out at Grommet in 10 days and they placed a duplicate order. Also, LTD Commodities loved my product and placed a test order that will run in their spring catalog. Now I’m so busy, I’ve been able to bring on someone to help me with social media. Things are looking SO much brighter now!

Angelica Cox, Founder of The Wizor™ wall scissors


cfd2Now with this new foundation, we feel confident that we’ll stand out among our competitors and stake a larger claim in our industry. From the infographic, to the powerpoint slides and business cards to the content creation and online branding, after working with you all, we can hardly wait for the next chapter.

Arden W. Kelley, President of Commercial Flooring Distributors, Inc.

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