Your #1 Secret Business Weapon in 2014

Whether your business is thriving, stuck at a steady plateau, or declining, before January 1st hits, take a 22624138_spause from crafting that Twitter strategy, mastering Instagram, or shooting those Vine videos you have been thinking about. You will make 2014 your best year ever if you focus on defining and creating DISTINCTION for your business.

Stephen Woessner, contributor for Constant Contact, says before you say something like, “But, Stephen, there isn’t anything distinctive about what I do.” He challenges us with this — if there wasn’t something truly distinctive and different about what you do, then you wouldn’t have a business.

So how do you make this secret weapon work for your biz? Scott McKain,  an internationally known expert who helps organizations create distinction in every phase of business, says we must adhere to the Four Cornerstones of Distinction:

1. Clarity. Distinctive businesses are crystal clear about what makes them unique. They know what they are and what they are NOT. You cannot differentiate what you cannot define.

2. Creativity. To be distinctive, you don’t have to do everything creatively, in fact, be unique at just one point, and you can dominate your marketplace. For example, Enterprise Rent-A-Car picks you up. It’s there one thing — and they do it incredibly well.

3. Communication. While customers and prospects truly desire information, they want the details placed within a compelling narrative (or story) that they can relate to and remember.

4. Customer experience focus. Distinctive businesses plan customer retention with as much passion and precision as they strategize customer acquisition. You can turn prospects into customers and customers into champions for your business.

We encourage you to check out the video interview and full article HERE. Now go forth and declare 2014 “Year of Distinction.”

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